Show: Musaafir Hoon Yaaron
Channel: Star TV
Concept :
One of India’s first ever international travel shows, Musaafir Hoon Yaaron is an award winning travel show anchored in hindi by Actor and Model Deepti Bhatnagar. With an interesting selection of destinations across the globe, the show offers a fascinating journey for viewers through these known and unknown lands. Every episode was designed with precision and gives viewers interesting insights of the destination on air.

In all we produced 170 Episodes of the show in 8 years featuring the best cities of the world. Some of the Destinations which featured on the show are as follows :
Show: Yatra
Channel: Star Plus
Concept :
Yatra in hindi signifies a pilgrimage to a holy destination. It is an integral part of Indian traditions where one travels to temples and shrines experiencing a communion with the almighty. The journey to the pilgrim is equally important as the destination itself. Some pilgrims are located in far away destinations and a devotee has to go through rough travel and hardships due to the adverse geographical conditions. Through Yatra, the endeavor is to explore India and bring the Indian pilgrim closer to the divine. It throws a spiritual light towards travel to such destinations featuring Indian temples, religious sites and shrines. Covering various destinations, each with a different yet diverse religious background, the show touches the heart of every devout viewer.
Show: Mirchi Top 20
Channel: Zoom
Concept :
Travel Shows mostly cover a destination anchored by a host. However, DB Productions belief in innovation led to the launch of Mirchi Top 20. India’s first ever show that brought together a travel with a countdown of the 20 most popular Bollywood songs. The idea was to concoct a unique presentation of travel with music that are two of the most sort after modes of entertainment for the audiences.

Be it the vibrant night life of Las Vegas or the lush landscapes of Switzerland, the show was hosted by the vivacious Actor Vidya Malvade as she goes globetrotting! Viewers could immerse themselves in the breathtaking scenery, enjoy the buzz of the towns and villages and relax with their favorite musical chartbusters. One could vacation and sway along into the world of music and adventure at the same time.
Show: Bollywood Cutting
Channel: Sahara One
Concept :
The making of each feature film is an adventure in itself. With a large team working towards creating excellence in cinema, comes a fun filled atmosphere on the sets where actors, technicians and the entire crew is set for a hardworking yet fun time. Every movie goes through retakes and interesting incidents that are enticing to know about.

Bollywood Cutting is one such programme that features parts of the making of one movie through each episode where, the show anchor inform, entertain and take you though the fun journey. With movie trivia, bloopers, goof ups, retakes and numerous other funny elements, viewers are in for a laugh riot. If movies are fun, the making of it is truly out and right hilarious. The show covers all aspects of the making of the film, music, action, casting, acting, direction etc.
Show: Kabhie Aaye Naa Judai
Channel: Star Plus
Concept :
Kabhi Aaye Na Judaai starring Ram Kapoor, Indira Krishnan, Ahmad Khan and other prominent small screen actors is the story of a happy united Oberoi family who find themselves confronted with the biggest temptation of all times, money. Rajeshwar the main protagonist is the principal of a reputed college who has earned high respect in the society and is unperturbed about not having earned too much money. Until one day, the circumstances change and the story then deals with how a happy family succumbs to the temptation that money brings, leading to the clash of ideologies and principles of life.
Show: Mohulla Mohabbat Wala
Channel: Sab TV
Concept :
A mohalla in India, means a cluster of homes where people usually live like one big happy family. Mohulla Mphabbat Wala is the story of one such group of people from diverse cultures devoid of hatred and is ruled by love, laughter and togetherness. The protagonists live as one family, seeing each other through their happiness and grief. As the viewer delves into the kaleidoscopic world of our Mohalla, he is a witness to its simple people, their dreams, their real needs and the immense inner strength it takes to let them be the individuals they are.
Show: Home Shanti Home
Channel: Star One
Concept :
A home is the most integral part our lives and giving it a makeover, not only uplifts our lifestyle but also gives great joy. Home Shanti Home is one such endeavor to offer viewers with breathtaking home transformations with insights into the world of architectural excellence and interior innovations. The show boasts of two segments. First shall be a home make over and the second shall give viewers an insight into the homes and residences of celebrities like Shilpa Shetty, kim Sharma Shekhar Suman and many more. Both segments are must sought after and the show also offered special episodes with special features into popular destinations for home shopping life flea markets.
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