About Us
Television and Entertainment offers the industry with a spectrum of innovative mediums to display creativity, par excellence. This was the plinth on which Deepti Bhatnagar Productions Pvt. Ltd. was initiated. Since its inception in 2000, the company has offered award winning television shows focusing on a variety of elements in entertainment like show concepts & development, production, marketing and distribution.

Based in Mumbai, DB Productions is the vision of the dynamic and effervescent Deepti Bhatnagar, Randeep Arya and their team of proactive individuals. With the launch of Musaafir Hoon Yaaron, one of the first Indian based international travel television show in 2001, the company has carved a niche for itself. Every milestone achieved thereafter, has been a fulfilling and successful experience ever since.

Deepti Bhatnagar Productions Pvt. Ltd. specializes in travel, reality, comedy and daily soaps offering concepts and content that is not just entertainment for their widespread audience, but also enriches the viewers with knowledge and leisure. Gaining audience appreciation for over the last ten years, the company’s motto is to create simple and exhilarating shows that touch peoples� hearts and minds.

Besides, the company’s strong association with television channels ensures that every thought transforms into a positive action and every dream show churned out as a successful realty. Some of the company’s esteemed channel partners include Star Plus, Sony Entertainment, Star One, Colors, Zoom, Sahara One, Zee Network and the like. Working in tandem with these production houses, these national & global channels have noteworthy viewership and trps� for over two decades now. We believe that strong association with television channels and industry leaders shall enable us to enhance the idea of ideal television.

However, being a meritorious production house is just half the story unfolded� the true treasure of the company is the team that stands at the plinth of the organization.

DB Productions undertakes numerous formats of show concepts, casting, production, distribution, reality tv, participation tv, scripted tv and travelogues. With specialty in non-fiction tv shows and soaps, the company ranks as one of the leading production houses in India today. It also holds the largest footage library showcasing travelling in India and abroad. Another special forte of the company is Deepti Bhatnagar’s avid correlation with numerous Tourism Boards, International Government Travel Councils and Global Consulates. Over the last decade, Deepti Bhatnagar Productions Pvt. Ltd. has created numerous shows, short films and advertise features for tourism boards of Italy, Finland, Ireland, Seychelles and Hong Kong to name a few. The company has also scripted and executed a variety of documentaries for renowned corporate houses across India.

As Deepti Bhatnagar Productions Pvt. Ltd. propels ahead, it shall focus on making non-fiction based shows as well as emerging into new mediums of travelogues and television.

Our Vision
It is our vision to offer viewers with the finest television entertainment with knowledge and insights as a constant undertone. Innovation and thorough research in every dimension also plays an essential role in our progress.
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